07.12.2004 | Oleksiy Svetikov, Severodonetsk

Tax inspection as a tool for struggle with “adverse” agitation


We have already written about the case, where an official of the Kremenets district state administration demanded from owner of a private shop to remove from the shop the agitation placard in favor of Yushchenko. This story had a continuation in the form of unscheduled check of the shop by tax inspection.

We want to remind that in September an official of the district state administration demanded to remove the agitation placard of V. Yushchenko threatening that in case of non-fulfillment of her demand the administrative punishment would be applied. Similar case was registered in Stakhanov, where one of deputies of the town council, also threatening with administrative punishment, forced a town dweller to remove such placard from his balcony.

In Kremenets Yushchenko’s adherents turned to the public reception office of the VCU and got the explanation that the demand of the official was not legal and there were no grounds for the punishment. The placard was not removed and no direct sanctions were applied for that. Yet, tax inspection visited the shop with the unscheduled check, which may be interpreted as persecution of voters for realization of their right to agitation.

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