Inhabitants of Gadiach are made to sell their votes to Yanukovich


Our authorities have exceeded all bounds of cynicism (if they have are such bounds at all). In the town of Gadiach, the Poltava oblast, as well as throughout Ukraine, the power exerts pressure on voters by all possible means.

So, on the day of arrival of the agitation train of candidate to presidency Viktor Yushchenko, students and teachers of higher education establishments were warned about the severe control over the attendance. Yet, on the day of arrival of V. Yanukovich’s train students were coercively driven from lectures to the square, where the meeting was organized.

Something very different from agitation took place in the local post office. It was proposed to all workers to write the appeal about their intention to vote for Yanukovich in exchange for 150 hryvnas. Ready-witted workers wrote such appeals not only on their behalf, but also on behalf of their relatives. By the way, the promised money was really paid to them. Well, it is a very demonstrative example of increase of Yanukovich’s rating.

Workers of Gadiach fire-brigade No. 23 got the order to carry out (apropos, during working hours) the collection of similar appeals of citizens. Everything was done “voluntarily”. Yet, imagine the reaction of a businessman, who is visited by a uniformed man, to the entreaty to write such appeal.

28 October 2004

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