It was ordered to spoil bulletins during the run-off election


On 4 November the “analysis” of the past tour of presidential election was held in school No. 135. Naturally, the power is not quite satisfied with the election results. Judging from “temniks”, it was planned that Yanukovich would win in the first tour… Kharkiv had to give about 80% for the pro-power candidate. Yet, this did not happen.

So, the “training” was conducted for all teachers, who were the members of the commissions. Former school superintendent Koziulia ordered to spoil the bulletins handed for Yushchenko in the second tour. The commission members had to write another mark near Yanukovich’s name in such bulletins thus making them invalid.

Respected teachers, other members of commissions and observers!

You must remember that there is an article in the Criminal Code of Ukraine that envisages responsibility for such actions! Do you want to get to prison for some trifling sum? Our observers and lawyers are ready for such violations and will not feel sorry for you.

Respected “ardent agitators”, provocateurs and other administrative workers!

We advise you to think before making such appeals. The candidate from power did not win in the first tour of the election, in spite of mass falsifications throughout Ukraine. The CEC will announce the final results of the voting in several days… Do not do any “precipitate movements”. Think about your future, about your further work. Clever people never put all eggs into one basket. Yushchenko has more chances to win in the second tour, since the votes for Moroz, some communists and Kinakh would not be given to Yanukovich.

The voters, whose names were purposely distorted or missed in the lists, would also vote in the second tour.

So, do not risk! You can lose everything. Do not try to falsify the election.

Press-service of the Kharkiv regional

headquarters of V. Yushchenko

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