18.01.2005 | Oleksandr Stepanenko, Chortkiv

Deputies of the Ternopil regional council reacted to interference of state administration in their activities and the attempts to falsify the results of the election


On 18 November, at the suggestion of one third of deputies of the Ternopil regional council and by order of its Head, the special session of the council was convoked. It was planned to consider only one question: «On social-political situation in the region, which has formed on the eve of run-off presidential election in Ukraine». The urgent consideration of this question was caused by the enormous number of facts, which evidenced on the manipulations with getting and further seizure of the off-list tickets with the aim to deprive voters of their franchise and falsify the results of the election. During the period between two tours of presidential election such cases are observed in the structures of the Ministry of Interior, tax administration, pension fund, Ukrainian railway company and other state organs.

As it was predicted, the session was sabotaged by the state administration. It was sabotaged according to the well-known scenario: the «recommendations» about non-appearance were given to the deputies, who worked in state establishments. Thus, there was no quorum at the session. In this situation forty deputies of the regional council, mainly representatives of the fraction «Our Ukraine» and Y. Timoshenko’s bloc, conducted their own sitting.

At this sitting the deputies of the Ternopil regional council approved the resolution about the distrust to M. Tsymbaliuk, the head of the regional state administration, «in the connection with mass facts of violation by top officials of the Ternopil regional administration, law-enforcing, tax and other state organs of the Ukrainian Constitution and the Law «On election of the President of Ukraine» aimed at disfranchisement of their workers and attempts of certain criminal-oligarchic forces to falsify the results of the presidential election of 21 November 2004 in favor of the pro-power candidate, and taking into account the fact of sabotage of the work of the session of the regional council on 18 November because of ungrounded non-appearance of deputies-representatives of power structures of the region».

Two collective appeals were approved: one -- to the workers of law-enforcing, tax and other state structures, and another -- to all inhabitants of the Chernigiv region.

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