Persons responsible for violations should be replaced


The Ukrainian Helsinki union of human rights and the International Helsinki Federation of human rights state that replacement of the persons, responsible for violations during the election, is one of most important preconditions for the repeated voting in the second tour of election. Mainly it concerns the election commissions, members of government, officers of prosecutor’s office and the heads of regional and district state administrations. It is also very important to investigate properly the mass falsifications, which are confirmed by documents, and to bring the guilty to responsibility.

Our organizations reckon that neither geopolitical nor regional cultural differences are the essence of the matter. The main factor is the fundamental right of citizens to elect their government freely and honestly. The political compromise may be made in order to prevent the conflict that would maim the country. Yet, the accusations of mass violations of election laws during the election campaign and two tours of the election should not be ignored.

The Ukrainian Helsinki union and International Helsinki Federation observed the election in Ukraine from the very beginning of the campaign. We documented that the campaign was distorted with mass violations of Ukrainian legislation and international agreements signed by Ukraine. From the very beginning we demanded to stop these violations, in particular, the violation of the right for equal access the national mass media. Similar statements have been made by international organizations, a member of which Ukraine is, and numerous governments.

The Ukrainian government ignored these statements. The majority of well-known international organizations classify the election as dishonest and unfree. Falsification of the election failed only thanks to the civil fortitude of thousands people.

We appeal to Ukrainian courts to act as an independent and responsible judicial organ, and to the power – to use its authorities for preventing falsifications, which, contrary to the will of Ukrainian citizens, determine the future of their country.

For further information turn:
Ukrainian Helsinki union of human rights,
Evhen Zakharov,
International Helsinki Federation of human rights,
Aaron Rodes,
+43-676-635 66 12 (cell)
1 December 2004

From «PL» editorial board: According to item 7 of Resolution of the Supreme Council No. 2215-IV of 1 December 2004 «On stabilization of political and social-economic situation in Ukraine and prevention of anti-Constitutional actions endangering sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine», distrust was expressed to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. In the connection with the statement of the Prime Minister on non-recognition of this decision, since, in his opinion, it does not meet the demands of the Constitution of Ukraine, we are publishing, in what follows, the constitutional-legal analysis of item 7 of the considered Resolution of the Supreme Council of Ukraine.

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