Donetsk makes short work of a tent of «Pora!»


On 10 December four activists of the public action «Pora!» erected their tent in the Donetsk downtown, near the monument to John Hughes. This was done in the framework of the action «To Donetsk with love».

Small tent camp existed for less than an hour. About 100 young people of criminal appearance ruined the camp. They did not touch the activists of «Pora!», but brutally beat journalist of the local newspaper «Salon Dona i Basa» Sergiy Vaganov, who made a video record of these events. The camera was broken.

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According to the information communicated by activist of «Pora!» Ostap Kryvdyk, an unknown person, probably an officer of the Voroshilovskiy district militia station of Donetsk, threatened him in presence of other activists and a correspondent of the newspaper «Salon»: «You will not speak this Bandera language here, in Donetsk. If you would say one word more, I would lead you to the room and…» The activist and the correspondent of «Salon» at once wrote the corresponding complaint and handed it to militia.


The Donetsk city council recalled its claim, which had been handed against the public initiative «Pora!» in the connection with the illegal, in opinion of local authorities, erection of an agitation tent in the city.

The court sitting has had to be conducted this morning, but, by words of journalists, who came to the trial, it was not held.

The city council motivates this step by the fact that today the tent is absent, so there is no subject for consideration.

Earlier Maksim Rovenskiy, the head of the PR department of the city executive committee, stated that the city council had taken the decision on the prohibition of living in tents on the territory of the city.

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