26.02.2005 | Viktoriya Onishchenko, RUPOR

Ukrainian power used the Russian one


Well-known Russian human rights protection activist Ludmila Alekseeva assessed very negatively the demonstrative meddling of Russia into the election process in Ukraine, both on the side of Russian political technologists and on the side of President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Ms. Alekseeva expressed this opinion on 26 December at a press conference devoted to the assessment of the election campaign by Ukrainian and international human rights protecting organizations. She also added that she was pleased with the fact that «participation in the election of the President of Ukraine was a very important work for Gleb Pavlovskiy, which work he failed fulfill because of the Ukrainian people».

Ludmila Alekseeva told about elucidation of the election campaign by Russian mass media, in which «Mr. Yanukovich, who had not been known before, started to appear, either at President’s birthday, or in the connection with other events», and that «in one of his speeches on TV Gleb Pavlovskiy rather openly called Viktor Yushchenko a fascist and a Nazi». Evhen Zakharov, a co-chairman of the Kharkiv group for human rights protection, added that, when somebody asked him, who had «made» this election and who had invented this division into West and East, he answered that «these were Ukrainians, who invented how to use Russians in order to keep the power».

In conclusion L. Alekseeva said: «This revolution will be a very good lesson for the Russian power. This does not mean that they will understand all and will not use such methods in future. No, they will do the same, even more. Yet, it is good that soon it will become impossible to deceive the people in such manner».

At the same time master of «black PR» Gleb Pavlovskiy acknowledged in his interview to «»: «Russia must seriously reconsider its doctrine concerning the foreign policy, in particular regarding the CIS countries». He pointed out that «Ukraine will become an important example in the new politics, since we have already started to build special multipolar relations with Ukrainian parties, regions and cultural communities». He also said that «now it is time to clear up what values we uphold». Is not it too late? Mr. Pavlovskiy believes that his guilt consist in underestimation of this very component – the uncertainty about the values important for Ukrainians.

28 December 2004

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