Another scandalous fact: a girl was nearly murdered in the Donetsk region


On 6 December, about 7 p.m., a deplorable incident took place in the town of Druzhkivka of the Donetsk region. Yulia, an activist of “PORA!”, was walking with an orange scarf on her neck. Two drunken guys began to bother her, they insulted the girl because her scarf was orange: according to their words, nobody could wear this color in the region. Yulia said that she had the right to wear clothes of any color she liked, that she supported Yushchenko, and nobody could order her, what she had to wear and for whom she had to vote.
As a result, one of the youths took out a knife and tried to cut off the scarf from Yulia’s neck. In the last moment the girl managed to dodge, and the guy scratched his boon companion standing beside. The girl ran away.
Yet, this was not the end of the story. In the same evening militiamen came to Yulia’s flat. The girl was transported to the militia station, where she spent the night.
In the morning the girl was released after giving a written undertaking not to leave a place. She was accused of attack with a knife on two boys, a criminal case was started against her.
The main reason of such brutal lawlessness, in the opinion of one of local activists of “PORA!” is the fact that Druzhkivka is located in the 60th election majority circuit represented by Mr. Zubanov, who has recently refused from his post of people’s deputy. It is rumored that this circuit is freed for Yanukovich. So, extremely brutal methods are used there.
9 January 2005

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