Leonid Chernovetskiy reckons that the Ministry of Justice must carry out public inventory of secret normative acts of force agencies


Leader of the Christian-Liberal party Leonid Chernovetskiy reckons that many “surprises” in the form of illegally classified normative acts of force agencies are waiting for new Ukrainian power. Chernovetskiy believes that the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, which has registered these documents and conceals it from public, is responsible for this situation.

The leader of the ChLP stated that he more than once tried to get from the Ministry of Justice the documents issued, in particular, by the State tax administration of Ukraine, but got no responses to his requests.

“In all these cases Lavrynovich executed orders of the criminal power”, believes Chernovetskiy. “And he continues to do that. If we want to stop this and to make public all illegally registered documents, the Ministry of Justice must carry out immediate inventory of all normative acts, especially tax ones, which have been classified as secret”, pointed out the ChLP leader. In his opinion, the results of the inventory should be published.

“If such state of affairs would remain the same, then Ukraine would get an enormous number of new normative acts, which would be directed against the Ukrainian people”, reckons Chernovetskiy.

1 February 2005 12:31

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