First verdicts were pronounced on the abusers of election laws


At the beginning of February the Sarnenskiy district court (the Rivne region) considered two criminal cases on violations of election laws. In particular, the court brought in the verdicts to the members of district election commissions, who, during the election of the President of Ukraine, abused the Law of Ukraine “On election of the President”. The criminal cases were started after Article 158 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

So, an inhabitant of the village of Strilsk of the Sarnenskiy district, during her work in the DEC, gave several voting bulletins to one voter. The same offence was committed by a member of the DEC in the village of Fedorivka of the Sarnenskiy district. Representatives of Themis took into account the admission of guilt by the accused, frank confession and aid in solution of the crime, and condemned them to 6 months of correctional work with deduction of 10% of their earnings to state budget and payment of a fine, informs

9 February 2005

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