Two men, who attacked an election station, can be condemned to eight years of incarceration


Two dwellers of Trostianets, who attacked an election station on 21 November 2004, can be condemned to incarceration for the term from 5 to 8 years.

On 21 November Vladimir G. and Sergey A. rushed into the room of election station No. 127, located in Trostianets general school No. 2, and committed the premeditated crime in order to impede the normal course of voting. So, the attackers tried to make the official observer from the bloc “Our Ukraine” to leave the election station, and when he refused, they applied force and inflicted him grave bodily injuries, in particular, cerebral brain concussion.

The prosecutor’s office of the Sumy region instituted a criminal case after the fact of impediment to realization of election rights. By the information of prosecutor Aleksandr Naumov, the guilt of Vladimir G. and Sergey A. was proved completely in the course of pre-trial investigation.

They were accused of commitment of the crimes envisaged by part 2 of Article 157 and part 2 of Article 296 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. The case, along with the accusation materials, was passed to court, which would make a decision on punishment, communicates “Dankor”.

24 February 2005

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