Kirovograd prosecutor’s office investigates violations of election laws


The Kirovograd regional prosecutor’s office has instituted and investigates 24 criminal cases concerning violations of election laws, communicates Interfax-Ukraine.

Seven such cases have been already directed to court for consideration per se. Besides, during the presidential election the prosecutor’s office received 259 complaints against violations of the demands of the election law.

Press secretary of the regional prosecutor’s office Nataliya Aleksenko informs that the prosecutor’s office of the region instituted eight criminal cases in the notorious election circuit No. 100. Five of these cases are connected with the fact of deliberately false establishment of results of the election at election stations Nos. 53, 71, 92, 106 and 113.

The Kirovograd town prosecutor’s office investigates the criminal case after the fact of hampering the work of the sitting of territorial election commission No. 100 for establishment of the results of voting at the election of the President of Ukraine of 31 October 2004.

Besides, the town prosecutor’s office investigates the criminal case on violation of the law on election by the officials of district election commissions at election stations Nos. 25 and 35 (election circuit No. 100), election station No. 9 (election circuit No. 103) and election station No. 84 (election circuit No. 104), which, during the preparation and conduction of the run-off election, gave blank form of the off-list tickets to some unknown persons.



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