Election documentation in the Donetsk archive was replaced with wastepaper


The prosecutor’s office of the Voroshilovskiy district of Donetsk carried out, in the regional archive, unsealing of the boxes with the documentation concerning the results of the second tour of Presidential election in the 42nd election circuit of Donetsk (Voroshilovskiy and Kalininskiy districts). In the first two boxes, containing the documentation from election stations Nos. 5, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16, old newspapers and magazines were found instead of the documents. This information was given by Sergey Lunev, the head of the territorial election commission, in the course of voting on 26 December, communicated “Ostrov”.

By the words of Lunev, according to the law the boxes had to be sealed by the papers with signatures of all members of the territorial election commission, but be could not find his own signature there (he was the commission secretary then). He had the visual impression that the seal had been falsified.

On 22 November, at once after the announcement of the results of voting in the second tour of the election in the 42nd election circuit, Anton Klimenko, an empowered person of Viktor Yushchenko, demanded, at the sitting of the territorial election commission, to re-count the votes, but the commission did not satisfy his demand. Klimenko motivated his demand with the essential discrepancy between the results obtained in the first and second tours of voting. So, on 31 October 6.06% of citizens voted for Viktor Yushchenko in this circuit, and in the second tour he got 0.62%.

We want to remind that the second tour of Presidential election was conducted on 21 November 2004. Viktor Yanukovich won in this tour.

3 March 2005

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