14 criminal cases were started in the Kharkiv region on the facts of violation of the election laws


14 criminal cases were started in the Kharkiv region on the facts of impediment to realization of the election rights of citizens, illegitimate use of election documents and incorrect calculation of votes during the election of the President of Ukraine. 5 such cases have been already passed to court. This information was got from Vasyl Sinchuk, the prosecutor of the Kharkiv region.

In particular, the prosecutor’s office of the Dvorichanskiy district established in the beginning of December of the past year that, at one of election stations of territorial election circuit No. 179, five citizens had received the off-list tickets, which had not been get by the station from territorial election commission No. 179 (Chuguev). So, these citizens had the opportunity to vote at two election stations.

The secretary of the district election commission was accused in accordance with part 3 of Article 158 and part 1 of Article 364 of the Criminal Code (illegitimate use of election bulletins, forgery of election documents; misuse of power), and five citizens – in accordance with part 2 of Article 158 (forgery of election documents). In the beginning of February the case was passed to court. LigaBusinessInform got this information in the press service of the General Prosecutor’s office of Ukraine.

Similar illegal actions were disclosed by the prosecutor’s office of Balakleya and Barvenkovo districts.

The prosecutor’s office of the Sumy region informs that it has completed the pre-trial investigation of the criminal case against militia colonel B., a former deputy head of the militia directorate of the Sumy region, accused of the misuse of power and service authorities, which resulted in serious damage to the rights and interests of citizens, that is of the crime envisaged by part 1 of Article 365 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

During the run-off election of the President of Ukraine on 21 November 2004 a group of young people rushed into the election station in the settlement of Oktiabrskiy of the Belopolskiy district and committed the hooligan actions with use of objects prepared for infliction of bodily injuries. On the same day one of the attackers, Donetsk dweller M., was detained and transported to the district militia station. However, in the night of 21 November the above-mentioned colonel B. came to the militia station and ordered the officer-on-duty to pass the detained to him. On his service car the colonel drove the criminal beyond the bounds of Belopolye and let him go.

The investigating officer of the prosecutor’s office of the Belopolskiy district issued the decision on the search of M., and the law-enforcing organs got the permission for detainment of the runaway and taking him into custody. The accusation against the militia colonel was passed for consideration to court, which would complete this resonant case.

Three years and six months of deprivation of liberty – such verdict was pronounced, in accordance with the demand of Konotop prosecutor Anatoliy Miroshnichenko, to 46-year-old citizen K., who, during the second tour of President’s election, tried to throw 55 bulletins into the ballot-box at election station No. 24 of territorial election circuit No. 163. He did that for remuneration.

Prosecutor’s organs of the Ternopil region have already sent to court four criminal cases on the facts of violation of election laws during the election of the President of Ukraine.

14 March 2005


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