Falsifiers got 8 years for two


The Gorodishchenskiy district court of the Cherkassy region brought in a verdict of guilty in the case on accusation of the head and secretary of district election commission No. 7 of the 199th election circuit. The court acknowledged two local women (33 and 38 years old) to be guilty of falsifications during the run-off election of the President of Ukraine on 21 November 2004.

As the press secretary of the regional prosecutor informed, the 38-year-old head of the commission was condemned to 3 years, and the 33-year-old secretary – to 5 years of incarceration. Both condemned got the probation terms: 3 and 2 years, respectively. During this term they have no right to leave Ukraine and must regularly come for registration to law-enforcing organs. The condemned work in educational establishments in the regional center. The head of the commission has taught law. It has been proved at the trial that during the second tour of the presidential election secretary of election station No. 7 included 127 voters, who had already voted before, to the additional list. After that she falsified signatures of these voters and used the bulletins in favor of candidate to President’s post Viktor Yanukovich. The court classified her actions as forgery of election documents.


25 March 2005

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