Voters’ Committee will hand a claim against the Supreme Council of the Crimea


The Voters’ Committee of Ukraine is going to hand a claim to court against the Supreme Council of the Crimea, since the latter does not answer the informational requests of the organization, informs “Krymskaya liniya”.

Now the committee realizes the project “Obeshchannogo tri goda zhdut” (a Russian proverb that means something like: “One should wait for three years until a promise would be fulfilled”. – Translator’s note), which was started in the beginning of February. In the framework of this project the VCU intends to check, how transparent the work of election representatives of people is, and how they account to the people.

In this connection the VCU sent 120 requests to the Crimean Parliament, but got only one response, which, by the way, was not complete. Head of the Crimean organization of the VCU Roman Cheremukhin communicated that the Committee asked to render them the reports of deputies, plans of work of permanent commission for the current year, reports for the past year, information about speaker’s control over the activities of the commissions and so on.

According to Cheremukhin’s words, the answer was obtained only from Boris Deytch, the Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Crimea; the answer was received two days after expiration of the legal term and did not correspond with the essence of the request. Cheremukhin pointed out that the speaker referred to the fact that the requested data were not a source of documented official information and their rendering was not obligatory. “The principle of publicity is violated, all these data should be open. Our juridical service has started to prepare a claim to court concerning the validity of the refusal to render the information”, declared the head of the organization.

The VCU members believe that the Supreme Council and people’s deputies do not want to answer their requests, and it is seen from the documents, which have been got unofficially, that most often the parliamentary commissions consider the questions of giving awards and ranks.

The Voters’ Committee is not going to retreat and intends to strive for the official responses. Cheremukhin says that people’s representatives must learn to reckon with those, who elected them. The committee also directed informational requests to the Council of Ministers and the Committee in charge of family and youth. Local councils will be the next.

3 March 2005

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