Five years of imprisonment for two protocols in favor of Yanukovich


The Bilopolskiy local court of the Sumy region condemned a 53-year-old woman, a member of the district election commission of the town of Vorozhba, to 5 years of incarceration with the probation term of two years.

At the same time she was deprived of the right to occupy any posts in the commissions of all levels at elections and referendums for the term of 18 months.

During the election this woman, whose name we will not mention, came to the Sumy region from the Donetsk region and got the temporary propiska in one of settlements. At the first tour of Presidential election of 31 October she was a member of an election station in the town of Vorozhba of the Bilopolskiy district, informs the press-service of the Sumy regional prosecutor’s office.

After 20:00, when the calculation of bulletins was completed, it appeared that candidate to President’s post Viktor Yushchenko got the majority of votes. At that time the woman had the access to the protocols signed by the members of the election commission. She took two protocols and entered there false data in favor of candidate V. Yanukovich.

The falsified data were transported to the Bilopolskiy territorial election committee and taken into account during the final calculation of votes.

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