Suspects of organization of violations at the election in Mukachevo are wanted.


Militia looks for two suspects of organization of violations at the election of the mayor of Mukachevo (the Zakarpatska region) on 18 April 2004, as well as violations in the course of the first and second tours of presidential election in October and November 2004. This information was communicated by «Ukrainski novyny» with reference to the press-service of the Ministry of Interior.

By the data of the press-service, militia looks for Ivan Chubirko, born in 1970, a former councilor of the head of the State administration of the Zakarpatska region, and his brother Mykola Chubirko, born in 1977. Both suspected are inhabitants of Mukachevo. The court prescribed them the arrest as a preventive measure. Militia appeals to everybody, who knows the place, where these citizens stay, to inform the nearest militia station. Earlier «Our Ukraine» accused Ivan Chubirko of participation in falsification of election of Mukachevo mayor on 18 April 2004. According to the words of the members of «Our Ukraine», Chubirko, being a deputy of then governor Ivan Rizak, organized all work concerning the movement of criminal groups and coordination of the actions of criminals and law-enforcers of Mukachevo with the regional power.

Besides, by the words of opposition, Chubirko is a relative of Viktor Medvedchuk: husband of a sister of Oksana Marchenko, the wife of the SDPU (u) leader. As it is known, the election in Mukachevo was acknowledged as falsified by all international observers. On 23 April 2004 the Mukachevo town court restored Vasyl Petiovka on the post of Mukachevo mayor. He was elected to this post in 2003.

4 April 2005

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