Lutsenko found six thousand persons that falsified the election


The Ministry of Interior started 500 criminal cases after the facts of violations in the course of the past election of the President of Ukraine, 111 of them have been directed to court.

This information was presented by Minister of Interior Yuri Lutsenko during the meeting with USA ambassador John Herbst.

“Six thousand persons are involved in the cases on violations, in particular, 70 persons, who were the organizers of the offences”, Lutsenko said. He aldo added: “The majority of violations were connected with the repeated use of the off-list tickets”. According to Lutsenko’s words, “now the Supreme Council considers the law draft that envisages amnesty to the executors of violations during the election and establishes punishment for organizers of these violations”. “We plan to punish the organizers severely”, said the Minister of Interior.

He also added that “during first 100 days of activity of the new staff of the Ministry 250 law-enforcers were disclosed, who had been connected with violations during the election. In particular, 40% of them – militia officers of medium and top rank”.

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