Lviv dwellers are indignant at construction by the USS directorate of apartment house on the burial place of political prisoners tortured by Soviet special services


On 20 May 20 activists of the public organization “Galytskiy vybir” conducted the picket of the USS directorate of the Lviv region with the demand to stop the construction of an apartment house on the place, where the NKVD officers had tortured to death thousands of Ukrainians and Poles. The participants of the action carried the slogans: “We protest against humiliation of the NKVD victims”, “Sons of NKVD hangmen, do not humiliate your victims”, “Today’s USS is successor of NKVD traditions”, etc.

“If the USS would ignore our demands, we would continue our actions, and our further actions would be more large-scale”, stated former political prisoner Yuri Shukhevich in his speech before the picketers.

Besides the activists of “Galytskiy vybir” have prepared the appeal, which will be passed to the USS and the organs of local power. Not a single representative of the USS came to communicate with the picketers.

At the same time, it is planned to create the memorial “Museum of occupants’ terror” at this place. Such idea was expressed during the conference with participation of deputies of the Lviv regional council, town council, representatives of the regional administration, representatives of the prosecutor’s office, the USS, public figures and members of families of the perished in the NKVD torture chambers. The conference plans to create the appeal to the President of Ukraine, head of the Lviv regional administration, head of the USS and the prosecutor’s office.

Head of the press service of the USS directorate of the Lviv region Volodymir Krivoshiya declared in his speech that the USS was not a successor of the NKVD. Because of absence of funds the USS used the ground area, owned by it, for building of dwelling for its workers. He pointed out that it was necessary to carry out the definitive expertise of the land on the place of building and that the human remnants, which had been found at the building site could be brought there with soil form the Bogdan Khmelnitskiy park.

The USS directorate carries out the construction of the dwelling house by the address Stepan Bandera Street, 1. During the building some human remnants were found. Before the WW2 the transit prison of the NKVD was situated there. And there, by evidences of witnesses, the NKVD murdered several thousand of people.

Informational agency “Gal-info”, Lviv

22 May 2005

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