One million hryvnas were spent for bribes in the Sumy region during the election


Oleksandr Gorban, the prosecutor of the Sumy region, informs that about one million hryvnas, spent for bribes to the heads of election commissions has been disclosed in the course of investigation of the criminal cases connected with violations during the presidential election.

This information was given in the interview to journalists, communicates “Obkom”.

In particular, Gorban adduced as an example the criminal case against Olga Krutushkina, “who, together with other top officials of the Bilopolskiy district, gave bribes to the heads of some election commissions of the district”.

The journalists of “Obkom” point out that the accused is a deputy of the Sumy town council, close to ex-governor of the Sumy region Volodymir Shcherban, and was No. 41 in the election list of Viktor Yushchenko’s bloc “Our Ukraine” at the election-2002.

“Similar facts were disclosed in the Shostka district, where the case was also started, and the sum of money, distributed among the commission members, was more than 320 thousand hryvnas”.

According to Gorban’s words, about 160 thousand hryvnas were given out in the Yampolskiy, Trostianetskiy and Burynskiy districts.

“This is all, what has been proved until today. If to sum up all that, one can see that more than one million hryvnas was spent in the region for bribing of heads and members of election commissions”, stated Gorban.


21 June 2005

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