Information about an attack on a Luhansk journalist has been passed to the prosecutor’s office


Documentation relating to the  illegal search of the building and to the infliction of bodily injuries on a journalist of the newspaper “Luganchane” by tax police officers of the Kharkiv region has been passed to the Luhansk regional prosecutor’s office. This information was provided by lawyer of the newspaper “Luganchane” Oleg Krylov.

The agency “Parallel-Media” has already informed that on 28 June 2005 armed men in camouflage rushed into the building (101 “и”, Oboronnaya street, Lugansk), where the workers of public organization “Luganskaya initsiativa”, company “Alev image group” and private enterprise “Newspaper “Luganchane”” stayed. The militiamen did not explain the causes of their visit and detained the workers of the above-mentioned companies. In the course of the detention they laid the worker of the newspaper “Luganchane” Kondratov on the floor in the hall of the building, inflicted him bodily injuries, seriousness of which is now established by expertise.

8 August 2005

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