Sharp criticism in Kharkiv of the draft "Rules for accreditation of members of the mass media in the Kharkiv regional state administration”


On 21 June the Kharkiv regional organization of the party “Our Ukraine” (the former party “Reformy i poriadok” (“Reforms and order”)) and the public organization “Our Ukrainian youth” conducted on Svoboda Square an  artistic-political action “Build the press in a new way”.

According to Konstantin Kanishev, one of the organizers of this action, the source of inspiration of its participants was the draft “Rules for the accreditation of members of the mass media at the Kharkiv regional state administration” created by the head of the apparatus of the Kharkiv regional state administration and the head of the department in charge of questions of cooperation with mass media and public relations of the apparatus of the regional administration.

New draft of accreditation was sent to Kharkiv mass media as early as on 28 April. The document consisting of 18 pages reads, in particular, that journalists must come to press-conferences only in clothes of certain style, treat respectfully the interviewed persons and not to forget about self-control. And the cameramen must realize shooting only from tripod and only in the places established by press-service. Otherwise accreditation is nullified.

K. Kanishev pointed out that organizers of the action deliberately did not mention the names of the officials of the regional administration, who were the authors of the odious document, since they were held in respect and had certain authority among Kharkiv journalists both before the election and at the time of the Orange revolution. “We hope that our critical remarks will be heard and the “rules of accreditation” will be reconsidered for their democratization and bringing them in conformity with the Ukrainian and European legislative base in this sphere”, said K. Kanishev.

The Kharkiv group for human rights protection, by the request of press-service of MP P. Yushchenko, made, in the end of May, the legal assessment of the draft “Rules of accreditation of mass media at the Kharkiv regional state administration”. In what follows we publish the full text of this document.

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