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In June the average monthly salary was 823 hryvnas


The nominal salary in June 2005, in comparison with June 2004, increased for 36.9% and was 823.10 (about $165) hryvnas, which exceeded the amount of the subsistence wage for able-to-work person in Ukraine (453 hryvnas) for 81.7%.

This information was given by Vyacheslav Kirilenko, the Minister of labor and social politics. The Minister reminded that in May 2005 the amount of nominal salary was 764 hryvnas.

By words of Vyacheslav Kirilenko, “the average monthly salary in January-June 2005, in comparison with corresponding period in the past year, increased for 33.6% and was 724.60 hryvnas, which is 60% more than the amount of the subsistence wage established for able-to-work person in Ukraine (453 hryvnas)”.

The Minister of labor pointed out that differentiation is noticeable of salaries by the types of economic activities. “The greatest amounts of nominal salaries in June 2005 were observed among the persons practicing the following kinds of economic activities: aviation transport (1727.68 hryvnas), financial activities (1510.42 hryvnas), subsidiary transport services (1194.96 hryvnas), which exceeds the average level of salaries by 2.1-1.45 times”, he informed.

Vyacheslav Kirilenko told that differentiation of salaries in different regions of Ukraine continued to exist. As before, the greatest salaries were obtained in Kyiv (1382.40 hryvnas), the Donetsk (969,15 hryvnas), Dnepropetrovsk (918,91 hryvnas) and Zaporozhye (865,80 hryvnas) regions, where the level of nominal salary exceeded the average level in Ukraine for 68-5.2%.

The average salary is still low in the Khmelnitskiy (598,77 hryvnas), Volyn (604,48 hryvnas) and Ternopil (614,86) regions, where the amount of salaries is 72.7-74.7% of the average level in Ukraine.

2 August 2005

Maidan-INFORM, Ukraine

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