The President has yet again been set up.


The President has yet again been set up.
This time by State functionaries and the Pechersky Court in Kyiv.
On 12 September a “troika” or panel of three judges from the Kyiv Pechersky court rejected the complaint made by the legal adviser to the Maidan Alliance, Oleksandr Severin about the inaction of the President of Ukraine in not providing a response to a formal request for information.

The information request within the framework of the Operation “To be printed” (more details on ) was sent on 6 May 2005, and in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On information”, a response should have been forthcoming within one month. The lack of any reaction from the recipient led accordingly to a formal complaint which demanded that Viktor Yushchenko be obliged to provide an adequate response as stipulated by legislation.

At the court hearing, the President’s representative (meaning a representative of the Ministry of Justice) submitted to the court a copy of a response allegedly sent (a response purely in form which we will let “Maidan” readers see in the near future) with a print-out from an internal register supposedly confirming that it had been sent. The document was not actually signed by the President, but by some functionary.

The arguments of the Maidan representative, that the request had in fact been sent to the President, and not to a functionary, and that it would not have been a bad idea for the respondents to have confirmed the providing of their “response” not through an internal “paper”, but by a postal notification, were not accepted by the court.

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