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The newspaper “Litsa” told the detailed story about its striving for information on the checks of legality of use of land areas located in the Dnepropetrovsk region.

The Main department of land resources of the Dnepropetrovsk regional state administration announced in mass media about the conduction of such checks. In particular, the newspaper “Litsa” published this information on 13 July. And a month later, on 16 August, the newspaper turned into the above-mentioned directorate with the request about the information on the results of the checks; first of all, the newspaper was interested in the facts of violations of laws. A representative of the press service of the Main department of land resources promised to prepare all needed reports and to render them next day, on 17 August. However, the correspondent, who came for the documents, got the advice to send the informational request addressed to department head Igor Uzhvak. The editorial board does not believe in this idea, because they already have the experience of relations with the officials of such level by means of informational requests. On 23 June 2005 editor-in-chief of “Litsa” E. Garagutsa directed a request to the department of capital building of the regional state administration in connection with the construction of Dnepropetrovsk subway. A week later she obtained the response from O. Rudvolga, a deputy head of the department, who recommended to turn for the answers to all questions to the direct customer of the building and reconstruction of subway – the regional state administration. On 13 July the editor-in-chief sent the second request about the subway, attaching to it the copy of the previous request and the obtained formal reply; that time the request was directed to V. Mandrievskiy, the head of the regional department of informational politics and relations with mass media. The newspaper waits for answer until now.

As to the department of land resources, it is rumored, as the newspaper writes, that the enormous number of violations has been disclosed in the course of the checks, but the department has not decided yet, which materials would be passed to the prosecutor’s office, and which cases would be hushed up.

Newspaper “Litsa”, 24 August 2005

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