Head of the Chernihiv police has taken pensioner, Mykhailo Koval and the TV company “NTN” to court


On 27 September 2005 pensioner Mykhailo Koval, a Chernihiv dweller, was a hero of the feature “Svidok” broadcasted by the all-Ukrainian TV company “NTN”. Mykhaylo Koval told in his interview about the terrible events, which had occurred in the life of his family: about how he and his relatives had been tortured by officers of law-enforcement organs. He mentioned several names of Chernihiv officials of high rank, in particular, Eduard Aliokhin, the new head of the Chernihiv town police directorate. This interview resulted in a law suit from  Mr. Aliokhin against Mykhaylo Koval and the TV company “NTN” on protection of honor, dignity and business reputation. Mr. Aliokhin denied all accusations concerning him and demanded to refute the discrediting information. The claim was handed to the Desnyanskiy district court of Chernihiv.

It is interesting that the police head lodged the claim only three weeks after the broadcast of this feature: he either cherished the resentment or followed somebody’s advice.

I do not want to assume the functions of our honest, unbiased and fair court and to say who is guilty in this situation. I only want to lay emphasis on the long-lasting sufferings of the person, who passed through unfairness and pain – not physical pain inflicted by torture, but psychological sufferings inflicted by shame and helplessness, when he could not defend his right for life and respectful attitude to his personality. When there was nobody, who could help him. When the people, who had hurt him, lodged a claim against him… And Mr. Koval is one of the people, who are not afraid to protest, openly and honestly, against this arbitrariness, which becomes more and more active in our country.

Chernigiv human rights protection public committee

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