Deputy immunity yet again …


Deputies of the Luhansk regional council have refused to agree to criminal charges being brought against Stanislav Cherniavskiy, a deputy of the regional council, ex-head of the Novopskovsk district state administration.

The acting prosecutor of the Luhansk region spoke at the session. He stated that a criminal case had been launched against Cherniavskiy who is accused of involvement in vote-rigging  during the second round of Presidential elections in 2004.  According to the prosecutor, Cherniavskiy gave instructions at the polling station regarding how many votes for each candidate were to be received.  During the process of investigation of this case the head of the election commission of the Novopskovsk district confessed that she had rigged the results of the voting on the order of Stanislav Cherniavskiy.

In response Stanislav Cherniavskiy stated that he had not given such instructions to the members of election commissions. “At some meeting I expressed my personal wishes: I said that it would be good if the results of the second round were the same as in the first round. I never concealed my support of Yanukovych”.  

A majority of the Deputies of the regional council voted to not consent to bringing criminal charges against Cherniavskiy.

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