Average amount of a bribe in Ukraine is 8600 UH


Since the beginning of the current year investigative departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs have uncovered 3721 facts of bribe-taking (19.7% more than in 2004). 2489 of these cases have been already investigated, and the materials have been passed for court consideration.

This information was communicated by the PR-department of the Ministry of Interior of Ukraine.

Only during the past week officers of the departments for fighting the economic crimes have documented 66 facts of bribe-taking, informs ForUm.

All in all, since the beginning of this year more than 2.5 thousand persons have been accused of bribe-taking, among them: 500 persons are the heads of enterprises, establishments and organizations; more than 300 – officials of various control organs; more than 100 – officials of the organs of power, government and self-government, including 18 officials of regional state administrations and regional councils, 41 – of district state administrations and 32 – of town councils and town executive committees.

The analysis shows that the average amount of a bribe in Ukraine is 8600 hryvnas (4700 in the past year). At that the police disclosed 136 cases, where the sum of a bribe exceeded 10000 hryvnas, and 52 cases, where the sum of a bribe reached 30000 hryvnas, communicates the PR-department of the Ministry of Interior.

14 December 2005
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