Ukrainian anti-fascists protest outside the Russian Embassy in Kyiv


Ukrainian anti-fascists gathered today gathered near the Russian Embassy in Kyiv to protest against the violence arising from ethnic and racial intolerance in Russia.

They held a banner reading “Nazism kills” and photographs of immigrants who have been murdered in Russia. Activists from the organization “Freedom without borders” accuse the Russian authorities of taking no action in a situation of rising persecution and killing of non-Russians by neo-Nazi organizations. Such negative phenomena, the activists believe, are also fuelled by economic instability.

Nobody from the Embassy came out to speak to the protestors – the diplomats were not working today.

One of the activists, Anatoly, suggests: “If the general cultural and economic level in Russia were higher, if there wasn’t such a lot of support for the idea that the main enemies of Russia are foreigners, then perhaps there would be less such manifestations [of violation]”

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