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Anniversary of the Andijon Massacre: Human Rights activists appeal to the UN


Open Appeal from Uzbek human rights activists and activists from the political party “Ozod dekhkonlar partiyasi”

To the Secretary General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan

Dear Secretary General, Kofi Annan,

We are citizens of Uzbekistan and are writing to you in connection with the anniversary of the shooting down of peaceful demonstrators which took place in Uzbekistan, in the city of Andijon on 13 May 2005. On that day government troops shot and killed hundreds of peaceful civilians, among whom were children, women and elderly people.

A year has passed already, yet there has still been no independent international investigation into this crime despite the fact that on 20 May 2005 a request was issued by the UN for an independent investigation of the murders in Andijon to be carried out.

Today, 12 May 2006, we human rights activists of Uzbekistan and activists from the political party “Ozod dekhkonlar partiyasi” honoured the memory of the people killed in Andijon, we laid flowers, and also left soft toys in memory of the children gunned down, at the Monument to Bravery in the city of Tashkent, where human rights activists and the opposition of Uzbekistan have made it a tradition to mark this tragic day.

A prayer was then read and all present remembered the victims of the Andijon Tragedy with a minute’s silence.

When we unfurled our banners which demanded that an independent investigation into the events at Andijon be held, that the President of Uzbekistan, Islam Karimov, be held criminally liable for the mass shooting of citizens of Uzbekistan on 13 May 2005, security service officers fell upon us, ripping the banners from us and grabbing the soft toys laid at the Monument to Bravery.

The ceremony continued with reading of verse by the Uzbek poets Yusuf Dzhumaev, Dadakhon Khasanov, Madina Gafarova, dedicated to the memory of those killed at Andijon.

Several opposition activists – Akhtam Shaimardanov, Shoira Sadikbekova, Bashorat Yesheva, Farkhod Mukhtarov, were not able to attend the ceremony because they were detained by police officers, and held until 12 o’clock in the police stations where they live.

Mr Annan!

We would ask you to ensure that an independent international investigation into the murders at Andijon is held, and that those guilty are tried in an international court.

Исмаилова Гавхар  [Gavkhar Ismailova] – activist of the opposition party “Ozod dekhkonlar partiyasi” and human rights activist of “OZPSGU” [“Association for the protection of the human rights and freedoms of citizens of Uzbekistan”].
Бахрамова Светлана [Svetlana Bakhramova] – granddaughter of Emir Bukhara Said Ilimkhan

Гафарова Мадины [Madina Gafarova] - human rights activist of “OZPSGU”.
Абдулло Таджибай углы [Abdullo Tadzhybai ugly] – human rights activist.
Барышева Ольга [Olga Barysheva] – human rights activist.
Шосалимов Джахонгир [Dzhakhongir Shosalimov] – human rights activist.
Шаймарданов Ахтам [Akhtam Shaimardanov] environmentalist- human rights activist and activist of the opposition party “Ozod dekhkonlar partiyasi”.
Садикбекова Шоира [Shoira Sadikbekova]  - activist of the opposition party “Ozod dekhkonlar partiyasi”  and human rights activist of “OZPSGU”.
Мухтаров Фарход [Farkhod Mukhtarov] – coordinator of the Union of human rights activists of Uzbekistan .
Ешева Башорат [Bashorat Yesheva] - activist of the opposition party “Ozod dekhkonlar partiyasi”  and and human rights activist of “OZPSGU”..
Досова Зарифа [Zarifa Dosova] – the opposition party “Ozod dekhkonlar partiyasi”  and human rights activist

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