Silence is not always golden


The Holosiyivsky District Court in Kyiv (with a panel of three judges: V.A. Nezhura, T.M. Shevchenko and N.P. Cherednichenko) has allowed the claim brought by the legal advisor to the Alliance “Maidan”, Oleksandr Severyn, against the Ministry of Health in which he called for their inaction to be declared illegal.

Having approached the Ministry of Health with a number of formal requests for information (exercising in this his constitutional right), Oleksandr Severyn did not once receive from the addressee the notification set down in Article 33 § 1 of the Law of Ukraine “On information”, informing him whether the request would be satisfied (this notification must according to the law be sent out within ten days).

The Court which O. Severyn lodged his claim with stated in its Ruling that it “declares the inaction of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine unlawful, and orders the Ministry of Health of Ukraine to unfailingly comply with this requirement of the law with regard to any further requests for information or letters from O. Y. Severyn.”

Maidan-Inform – A question to the Ministry of Health (and others) – So what stopped you doing this without the court?

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