16.07.2006 | Yevhen Zakharov

Television Journalist from “1+1”, Maxim Butkevych detained in St. Petersburg


The circumstances of the Ukrainian journalist’s detention were as follows. According to the “Network against the G8” (NAG8), on 16 July at 8.30 in the morning, around 50 activists of NAG8 blocked the entrance to the Radisson Hotel on Nevsky Prospekt where the Summit leaders are staying. They were carrying banners, leaflets against the policies of the G8 and chanted slogans in both Russian and English: “Down with the G8”, «It’s the end of G8 as we know it».  This was an international protest action with anarchists and anti-capitalists from various cities of Europe – Moscow, St. Petersburg, Minsk, Kyiv, Cardiff, Warsaw, Kishinev and Berlin.

Approximately 40 participants of the protest action were instantly detained. All those around holding video recorders were also arrested, in fairly rough fashion, including journalists from Associated Press.

Maxim Butkevych, a journalist from the Ukrainian television channel “1+1” and member of the Ukrainian Section of Amnesty International  was not participating in the protest action, but was seized by police officers while filming the rough tactics of the OMON (riot unit).

Maxim is at present, together with all the other people detained in police station No. 28 (Address: 191119, St. Petersburg, 79 Marat St,  Tel: (812) 164-28-02).  He demanded to speak to a lawyer and civic defence advisers but was told that he was only entitled to have a lawyer in court. He replied that he knew his rights and repeated his demand. The only answer was threats that he would be the last one to get, that he would get the worst cell, etc.

Civic defence advisers from Legal Team and a lawyer have not yet been allowed to see him, and they have not been given any reason. The entrance to the police station is guarded by OMON officers, including Sergei Ivanovich Bolotov. The legal advisers have not even been allowed to speak to the duty officer.

Central District Department of Internal Affairs (Police)

Tel: (812) 274-01-16, (812) 271-02-02,
Central District Prosecutor’s Office:  Tel: (8-812) 712-02-51, (8-812) 764-26-15

Ukrainian Embassy in the Russian Federation

Moscow, 18 Leontyev Lane

Tel:  (495) 629 47 04, Fax:. (495)   629 46 81

General Consulate of Ukraine in St. Petersburg

1b Bonch-Bruyevich Street

St. Petersburg

Еmail: [email protected]
Tel.: (8 10 7 812) 271 47 77,   271 27 90
Fax (8 10 7 812) 312 32 10
General Consul –  Nikolai Aleksandrovich RUDKO

Defend Maxim Butkevych! Telephone the police and the Ukrainian Consul, or your own embassies and register protest at such treatment of journalists carrying out their professional duties!

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