Media Trade Union suggests that STB should not be satisfied with an apology from Kalashnikov, but should demand compensation


20 July 2006  The Media Trade Union considers that material and moral compensation must be paid the employees of  TV Channel STB who were the victims of the assault by State Deputy Oleh Kalashnikov and his bodyguards on 12 July 2006. “The practice of paying compensation is accepted in many countries and foreseen by our legislation”, Serhiy Huz, Head of the Independent Media Trade Union of Ukraine considers. “For example, in the United Kingdom, when the police apply force against journalists, they are ordered to pay damages, including moral compensation”.

Serhiy Huz states that it is also important the criminal investigation unit proceeds to the courts with the criminal proceedings initiated on 15 July by the Prosecutor’s office of the Pechersky District in Kyiv over the obstruction to the professional activists of journalist Margarita Sytnyk and cameraman Volodymyr Novosad. As before, the Media Trade Union considers attacks on journalists performing their professional duties to be a crime against society.

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