In Poland lists of agents of the communist secret services are to be published


The Polish Sejm has passed a law which will make lists of those who collaborated with the communist secret service publicly available.

Three months after the new law on lustration comes into force the Polish Institute of National Remembrance must publish the list of all agents of the communist secret service which the Institute has on its records.

“Radio Svoboda” reported from Warsaw that only post-communist deputies were against the new law. Riszard Kalisz from SLD (“Union of Left-Wing Democrats”) explained his objections:: “What will happen?  No presumption of innocence. How can someone defend himself if his name’s already been published?”

According to the law, employers will have the right to terminate a contract of employment with an employee if there is official confirmation that the person collaborated with the communist secret service.  The list, furthermore, of posts for which it will be necessary to fill out a “lustration statement” will be much broader. Now this statement will need to be submitted by, among others, representatives of bodies of local self-government, diplomats, lecturers in higher educational institutes, journalists and notaries.

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