25.08.2006 | Inna Sukhorukova

“And the sheep are replete and the wolves intact!” (Anti-Utopia)


That’s what we can see with our own eyes. An almost blissful existence. The Prime Minister, as one of his fellow party members said, for ever. The opposition on holiday. The President, or so it would seem, in shock. He didn’t expect such a reaction, the poor man, «urbi et orbi». And what should have been expected?  The Constitutional Court is functioning, then it’s not functioning… So in fact the country remains ungoverned. Well, at least that’s how it seems to us. And our politicians can do fine without the third branch of power. Why should they need a court, prosecutor, police, you understand, they get under your feet!  God, if you only knew how sick of you we are  At the same time the lack of any thinking or balance within spheres crucial for the country is staggering. Not by oil alone … There’s also education. And medicine (if it exists at all!), and communal services, and children’s homes and homes for the elderly. I understand that Ukrainian citizens do get in the way of the regime. And in general one could dream of creating in time a kind of ideal electorate for the regime which only became conscious (and then not fully) during the elections. The rest of the time pensioners, unemployed young people and also children would just sleep. The others, working in institutions needed by the state, i.e. serving the authorities, would be like robots each carrying out their function. In fact you’d send them out to vote in the same state. And what difference anyway – choose, don’t choose, no odds

“And then the good times came,

And nobody more to kick and but!”

K. Chukovsky

An ideal electorate for an ideal regime. If the regime doesn’t want to be with the people, why, one may ask, not abolish the latter?  Of course in our country, and in fact on the entire territory of the former USSR they really tried, they drove into the ground around 100 million, and look they’re still there. Yes, over recent times, over 15 years of democracy the regime and the people have made real efforts and reduced the population of their independent country to several million, but the tempo is still feeble. Not every new “government” is a new hope. Not ours – theirs – the regime’s.

How many years has the draft law on medical insurance been rattling around in parliament, comrade deputies?  I’m asking our present, not yet quite deputies now. Because however I look, there are terribly few new faces in parliament. They’ve been receiving their salary, as I understand, for a long time, and well, passing laws, that’s not a deputy’s business. Like it’s not a doctor’s business to treat patients, or a teacher’s to teach, or a journalist’s to write. And what’s more important – it’s not their business to think. That’s hardest of all. Especially when freedom of speech has burst forth. Think, speak – I don’t want to. Yeah, and we cant’. We only know how on various state and non-state commission to feed citizens with all kinds of political manipulation drugs.

Let them sniff those drugs, like glue.

And dear comrade deputies (because in general you were always and have remained comrades), do you know that it costs around 500 UH (around 100 USD) to keep a patient in a critical care unit for one day?  And now, tell me, how many of those citizens you so love have that kind of money?  What is the minimum wage at the moment?  You don’t know. Yours is a bit higher. Just a bit. Yes, and a clinic in Feofaniya I assume, not the central district hospital. So you will soon efficiently deal with the task of reducing the population of our unhappy and painfully independent country.

There’s Sevastopol, it’s true. Putin recently declared it a Russian city right up to 2020. If the reduction of the population continues then the Black Sea Fleet will I guess reach Lviv. “On dry land, like by sea”. All the necessary requirements, dear comrades, you’ve already created. And our government is for ever, the opposition on holiday, the President in shock.  And all the sheep are full, and all the wolves, as written above, intact. And what about the situation with language – brilliant! Not one Ukrainian newspaper in the kiosks near me!  But we will protect Russian.

Some reference information for those who haven’t forgotten how to read: “According to statistics, the population of our country is changing. As of 1 July there were 46 million 756 thousand people in Ukraine. This is 180 thousand less than the figure for the same time last year.  (“Metro” newspaper, № 7 (7) 23 August,  2006 года, based on figures from the State Committee of Statistics)

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