Who’s destroying the historic centre of Lviv?


On 7 September Lviv Deputies meeting in session adopted a decision to create a special commission of deputies to investigation the circumstances and consequences of the pseudo-restoration of the historic part of the city, as well as how the money allocated for the 750-year anniversary  has been used

The commission will include leaders of all factions on the City Council, as well as the head of the deputy commission on architecture, city construction and the protection of the historic environment, Viktor Moskalyuk.

The Commission will be mandated to analyze the statement presented today by Lviv journalists in the session rooms of the City Council, and to report back to the Deputies.

Earlier today over 70 Lviv journalists arrived at the session of the Lviv City Council in order to make public their appeal concerning the destruction of the historic centre of the city being carried out during the preparations for the celebration of Lviv’s 750-year anniversary.  The journalists called on the Deputies to immediately stop  any further destruction of Lviv, to create a deputy commission to investigate the circumstances and consequences of the pseudo-restoration and to name those responsible for the vandalism on Market Square.

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