Journalists demand that Yanukovych apologizes for Kalashnikov


Television Channel STB has said in a formal statement issued on Tuesday that the conflict between State Deputy Oleh Kalashnikov and the filming crew “Window-news” will be at an end only after the case is resolved in a legal context.

“The incident can be laid to rest only by the law enforcement agencies investigating the case involving obstruction to journalists carrying out their professional duties”.

The journalists state that “given the status of the individual who attacked the journalist”, they can only welcome the creation of an investigation commission on the issue in the Verkhovna Rada”.

They also demand a personal apology from the Leader of the Party of the Regions Viktor Yanukovych for Kalashnikov’s actions during a personal meeting with the journalists.

“At the same time the position of the Channel regarding Kalashnikov has not changed – this person should be charged and punished in accordance with the law for the actions he committed”, the statement reads.

During the formal meeting with STB journalist Margarita Sytnyk, Kalashnikov stated that he had not taken part in the incident with the STB filming crew.

According to him, he had been annoyed that the cameraman was filming “the underwear of the girls who were dancing on the stage to the song of the Party of the Regions”.


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