Belarusian Court unable to repeat the feat of its Ukrainian counterpart


The Belarusian Supreme Court has refused to consider the claim brought by a group of citizens calling for the results of the 2006 presidential elections, in which  Aleksandr Lukashenko was supposedly re-elected to be annulled.

“An answer has been received from the Supreme Court stating that the claim will not be considered. The response claims that the Supreme Court does not have the jurisdiction to consider complaints against the decisions of the Central Election Commission”, one of the authors of the complaint, the head of the initiative group of former presidential candidate Aleksandr Milinkevich, Oleksandr Bukhvostov reported on Tuesday.

“Our claim stated that the 2006 presidential elections organized by the Central Election Commission were characterized not by fulfilment of the latter’s mandate, but by its abuse and disregard of fundamental principles set down in the law for the Central Election Commission’s work, those being adherence to the law, independence, openness and transparency”

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