15.09.2006 | Volodymyr Yavorsky

One step closer to public participating in decision making


Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from 1 August 2006 No. 1065 “On introducing amendments to Resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers of 11 December 1999 No. 2263 and of 2 October 2003 No. 1569”

Representatives of civic organizations, creative associations, enterprises, scientific establishments and other organizations may at their own initiative be included on the boards of local state administrations. This amendment was added to the  Model regulations on local state administration by Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 1 August 2006 No. 1065.

An important step has thus been taken towards further democratization of society and participation of the public in the process of forming and implementing state policy by state executive bodies. Involvement of members of the public in joint free discussion of issues under the jurisdiction of local administrations will promote the adoption of well-considered and coordinated decisions and will increase public trust in the authorities.

Volodymyr Yavorsky

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