19.09.2006 | Nataliya Drozd

The Rights Bus is heading your way!


Defend your rights!  For the majority of people living in small towns and villages, this phrase unfortunately has a hollow ring. Even if people know their rights and want to stand up for their, it is by no means easy to do so. People do not turn to the authorities in defence of their rights for a number of reasons – this may be fear of a formal approach to resolving the problem, significant extra expense, doubts as to whether they will receive a just decision.

It is precisely the aims of bringing objective information about human rights and providing ordinary citizens living in the district with the chance to increase their level of legal awareness that the press tour team, consisting of lawyers, including one defence lawyer, and social workers, organized by the “Dobrochyn” [“Charity”] Centre have set themselves.

During tours around 16 districts of the Chernihiv region, lawyers from the “Dobrochyn” Centre and consultants from partner organizations will inform wide groups of the public about the principles of human rights and the opportunities for defending their rights.

The lawyers will provide free legal consultations to individuals, while social workers from the All-Ukrainian Network of People living with HIV/AIDS will give consultations and circulate educational literature on HIV/AIDS issues.

Members of the public will receive legal educational material and information about the European Union, as well as being able to watch a film on human rights.

The campaign is being run within the framework of a project “Defend yourself is the rule!” undertaken by the civic organization “Dobrochyn” Centre with the support of the European Union.  

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