12.10.2006 | Yelena Bonner

About Anna Politkovskaya and Putin’s words about her murder


Putin condemned the honest, disinterested and absolutely human position of one of Russia’s best journalists. To say that her publications caused harm to Russia is to admit that honesty can hurt Russia.

He was worried about what he’d say to Bush, to Merkel, he had to say something, and in every word he showed himself. He promised Bush an investigation, not Anna Politkovskaya’s mother, or her children, or her colleagues from “Novaya gazeta” who have lost God knows how many people. He promises Bush an investigation. Just that alone is a slap in the face to Russia.

The era is showing two faces: the face of a person of total nobility, honesty, compassion and suffering for the country, its people, for each person – the face of Anna Politkovskaya. And the other face: bestial, evil, cruel and indifferent – the face of the country you and I are citizens of.

The authorities hope that we are cattle who don’t understand this.

This death is the loss of Russia, and good only for all those who at Russia’s expense are creating life only for themselves.

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