The Right to the Truth: “Not envisaged”


The Prosecutor General’s office continues refusing to provide information, The following is an extract from the response (Letter №12/1/2-78 from 05.10.06) to a formal request for information from a “Maidan” activist.

“The Prosecutor General of Ukraine has considered your letter regarding the rendering of statistical information on the number of employees of law enforcement agencies brought to answer for obstructing the right to peaceful assembly, and appeals from women regarding ill-treatment.

We would inform you that the report documentation formulated by departments of the Prosecutor‘s office of Ukraine does not envisage the reflection of the above-mentioned indicators

On this basis it is not possible to provide you with the information requested.”

From Maidan-Inform: We do not dispute that the “report documentation” does not perhaps envisage this information. However the provision of information in response to formal requests for information from citizens is nonetheless envisaged.  So perhaps the information needed to be gathered?

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