Latvian President refuses to publish the names of former KGB agents


The President of Latvia Vaira Vike-Freiberga has refused to accept the amendments to the law on preserving and using KGB documents and establishing collaboration with the KGB, in accordance with which from 1 March 2007 the names of KGB agents would be made public.

The President is returning the law for consideration for the third time. In her opinion, the list of names of agents without indication of the specific details of their collaboration would endanger the inviolability of private life and those people’s physical safety. The amendments passed allow for the publication of card registers of the KGB with names, date of birth, the date of recruitment, place of work when recruited, and when excluded if this was the case in the official Latvian newspaper „Latvijas Vestnesis”.

During the second review, 53 deputies voted for the amendments, 25 against, and seven abstained. The President was able to return it again because the date of publication changed in the new version.

From 1953 to 1991 24 thousand people collaborated with the KGB. However most of the records were taken to Moscow, and the card index contains information only about 4.5 thousand agents who were active in the 1980s.

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