The Media Trade Union and the National Union of Journalists draw up joint criteria for reforming the media


The National Union of Journalists of Ukraine and the Independent Media Trade Union of Ukraine have put together a joint vision for reforming municipal and state media outlets. The relevant document was agreed on the basis of the conclusions of an International Conference which has just ended.

On behalf of the two organizations, Ihor Lubchenko and Serhiy Huz agreed during the reform stage to stand up for editorial independence, freedom of speech and free access to information; the transfer of property rights on premises, printing and other property in the media field from the state to the journalists and those working in the media outlets; social guarantees; the right to form professional journalist organizations; the transformation of state radio and television into public broadcasting.

The participants in the conference also noted that they were “disturbed by the situation with freedom of speech in Ukraine, encroachments upon the rights of journalists and pressure on editorial boards of publications by the state authorities and bodies of local self-government.

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