TV Channels “1 + 1” and Channel 5 to talk to students about materials written to order


“1 + 1” presenter Marichka Padalko and TV 5 presenters Lidiya Taran and Yehor Sobolyev are to run lecture in the Uzhhorod National University, probing the questions:: “What will dishonest journalism do for your viewers, for you and for your profession?  How do you distinguish between editorial correction and censorship?  What ways are there of standing up for your freedom?”

The lecture is to take place on 17 November, with admission free.  It is a part of the journalist initiative “It’s better not to lie”, which involves well-known journalists working with students from six journalism faculties to develop awareness of the dangers which journalism to order and censorship pose for their future careers, and also the skills to fight these dangers.

As already reported, the initiative “It’s better not to lie” has been organized by the civic organization “For professional journalism”, together with the Independent Media Trade Union of Ukraine, the Commission on Journalist Ethics, “Telekritika” and the National Association of Broadcasters, and is receiving financial support from the International Renaissance Fund.

The Independent Media Trade Union

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