Kharkiv journalists complain of restrictions by the city authorities


The foreign media project “Miska varta” [“City Watch”] asserts that the Kharkiv City Council is unwarrantedly failing to give accreditation to journalists and technical staff of their media outlet (“City “Watch”).

The media project stated this in an open letter on Thursday 16 November to the Independent Media Trade Union

They report that they have still not had a response to an official application submitted on 10 November. Without this, and in the absence of accreditation, journalists will not only be unable to take part in press conferences of public officials, but will also be prohibited from filming in the premises of the Kharkiv City Council.

“Miska varta” asks the Independent Media Trade Union, and its head Serhiy Huz, to take this case under their control and help journalists to exercise and reinstate their rights which the Kharkiv City Council is infringing.

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