Grubby attack on the “Memorial” website


Since 18 November the server of the International “Memorial” Society has been the victim of a DoS [denial of service] attack as a result of which access to the websites of the Society has been virtually blocked. The attack, judging by messages which have appeared on the Internet, has been organized by one of the fascist groups.

Several days earlier the anti-war website also came under a similar attack, and some of the visitors to the forum on that site opened their own branch on the forum site.

Participation in the discussions on the forums was evidently much too difficult intellectually, and the attackers chose what for them is more customary – resolving issues through force, by now attacking the “Memorial” site.

It is not inconceivable that the reason for the attack was the publishing just recently on our website of  lists of victims of the communist repressions, these containing one and a half biographical references. People from all over the world have been turning to these lists, seeking information about their relatives.

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