Investigative committee condemns Kalashnikov’s behaviour


The special investigative committee has passed a resolution condemning the behaviour of Oleh Kalashnikov directed against the TV STB filming crew.  The resolution gives only a moral and ethical assessment of Kalashnikov’s actions, since the legal evaluation must be provided by the prosecutor’s office. The wording proposed at the previous session was in the final version of the resolution somewhat softened.

Of the six members of the committee present at the session, five (Serhiy Filindash, Socialist Party, Valeriya Zakpunna, Communist Party, Stepan Kurpil, Bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko, Olha Herasymyuk, “Nasha Ukraina” and Nataliya Prokopovych, “Nasha Ukraina”) supported the committee’s decision, and one (Serhiy Husarov, Party of the Regions) abstained.

The special investigative committee is to report during the next plenary week. Despite the statements made by Stepan Kurpil, it proved impossible to have the committee’s report added to the agenda for 13 December.

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