Information and analysis centre “Civic Society” created within UNIAN


From the beginning of 2007, at the UNIAN agency an information and analysis centre “Civic Society” will begin functioning, aimed at strengthening the information-bearing impact of Ukrainian nongovernmental organizations in the Ukrainian media realm.

Leaders and activists from civic organizations in the capital and regions of Ukraine will be involved, together with specialists on the development of civic society, sociologists, political scientists, journalists specializing in the subject matter of nongovernmental organizations, and UNIAN journalists and editors.

It is intended that the creation of this centre will assist organizations of the Third Sector in “penetrating” the pages and broadcasting studios of central and regional media outlets. This in turn will increase the awareness of the average member of the public about the everyday work of nongovernmental civic organizations and donor structures, directed at developing democratic public institutions.

The project will be run by the UNIAN agency together with the “Open Society” Foundation, and the support of the International Renaissance Foundation.

Representatives of the public and nongovernmental organizations interested in working together with UNIAN in this project are invited to contact the Coordinator of the Centre Tetyana Pechnochyk e-mail: [email protected]

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